How to Pawn Private Vehicle Thru OR CR Sangla Car Loan

Apart from truck, taxi, tricycle, multicab, van UV express and wheeler trucks, Pinoys can pawn private vehicle today via OR CR sangla. With the use of this loan program called OR CR loan, a non public utility vehicle (PUV) can now be used as collateral to get cash. This option to come up with funds may also be called “car loan without taking your car“. Today, people call it with different names. There are some who labelled it as car prenda especially in Cebu, Davao and other Visayas areas. But in Metro Manila and other nearby provinces, this is popularly called as simply car loan.

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance in the Philippines?


I have been taking care of a car since 2008. I must admit that in a country like the Philippines where nobody had an assurance that people who drive along with you side by side possess the right attitude and knowledge that it takes to be a qualified driver. Drivers here for as long as you know how to handle the steering wheel can drive and get a driver’s license. Yes, that is regardless if you have the proper education of the right driving skills and the right mind condition. This is where insurance comes in and with this issue, I must admit I’ve seen so many times how a […]

Pinoy Abroad Loan – For Allottee, Migrant, Citizen and Seaman Onboard


A new non collateral sure approval and easy to apply loan is the Pinoy Abroad Loan. Just like the ordinary OFW loan, this is offered to all FIlipinos who are already working overseas. They can be migrants, citizens, seaman onboard and card holders who have regular paying jobs with not less than an equivalent of 30K salary (in peso). Literally new offer in the lending industry, this type of unsecured loan is currently offered only in the Philippines. It is a merged form of salary loan for overseas Filipino workers. These are OWWA loan, OFW loan, seaman loan, migrant loan and loan for allottee or those receiving a regular allotment […]

14 Tips in Maximizing your New Toyota Car Financing Approval

I bought my new Toyota Avanza car last 2015 thru the new Toyota car financing program of a dealer. As a car loan consultant, I must admit I thought I knew everything else regarding car loan. It turned out that buying a new car would be a different arena for a loan agent who has been in the lending industry for more than 4 years. As a top car loan agent with multiple companies from banks to private lenders in the Philippines, I never thought it was so easy to get a car financing approved until I got into buying for myself.

New / 2nd Hand Car Financing and Collateral Loan – 5 Important Factors in Application

As a top loan agent and consultant for both banks, private lending companies and private financiers for fast loan in the Philippines, I have learned so many important things to consider when applying for car loan. Whether you are buying a brand new car, applying for 2nd hand car financing or using auto as collateral to get loan, there are ways to make it easier and faster. Summing them all up, I would like to give you the 5 most important factors to consider when applying for car loan. These factors is always a must to think about before any move to submit documents to process an application. Please note […]

Seaman Loan – Non Appearance Sure Approval 1 Day Processing and Application

Perhaps the only guaranteed type of non collateral loan in the Philippines that can release or award your loan proceeds is the seaman loan. Whether you are an officer or a cruise ship liner maritime worker, you have to know this. Who knows somewhere along the way you might need quick cash to apply for and you don’t know where to go or who to approach. If that is so, then this post is just perfect for you. If you are a seafarer looking for seafarer jobs, you may read my interesting post here. It will help you know how to get the highest paying salary for maritime workers without […]

IT Position is Now a Venue to Get Employed with Seaman Job

Being a loan consultant in the Philippines, I have the edge of knowing what works for the overall manpower reserve. I have first hand knowledge where in particular these jobless people can get employment if they can’t compete with professionals and skilled workers in their field for local jobs. Yesterday, I just assisted and had released a seaman loan client who is in the IT (information technology) field. He works as network administrator in a vessel via PTC (Philippine Transmarine Carriers) as his training center. He was able to get released of a 1 day process non collateral unsecured loan via the company I am working for – Global Dominion.

Car Financing in the Philippines – Requirements, Fees, Procedures When Buying Second Hand or Brand New Auto

While there are so many people who have mistakenly identified car financing to be the same as car loan, there were only 2 types offered in the Philippines. The first one is used car financing and the second one is brand new car financing. Whether you are up either of these two or up to apply for a loan using your OR CR, there will be different sets of requirements and procedures and surely, charges and fees will be a major issue. Apart from these major issues, knowing how to qualify is another one, a first to learn about for the buyer.

10 Ways to Know if You Qualify to Avail of Car Collateral Loan in the Philippines

Applying for a car collateral loan in the Philippines is easy. What makes it hard for some borrowers to accept is the fact that very few loan agents know how to pre-qualify their clients. The sad truth is this will only lead to bad results and worse to get your OR CR loan application declined by lending providers. For those who are on their way to seek for more information, it is best to consult either the internet or someone who knows their way in and out of unexpected problems with loan application. In either case, you, the borrower had only 2 places to find help. That is online or […]

10 Tips to Become the Best Seaman Loan Agent in the Philippines

Early on this year, 2014, I have written an article about how to become the top loan consultant in 2014 both for seaman loan and collateral loan in the Philippines. I did this writing to start kicking off the year early in January because I strongly believe in “The Secret ” which according to its’ teachings only a few knows even to this day. I was actually not so sure about that because the point that one of my company superiors have revealed to me this very same secret to becoming the best of what you can be in any field you are in. Thought, word and deed but especially […]

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