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Sam Casuncad

I am a minimalist by nature from my work, to the house, to my clothes and how I manage my time for everyday living. As a job I do basic website set up but is actually more of a SEO geek. I love doing online business using my skills and special gift of knowing my way around the internet and how to use it to my advantage.

I love the art of seeing through things out of the box and think different than others do. This is my biggest advantage over other SEOs out there who design, promote and market their sites as well as their clients. I may not be excellent in my English and webmaster stuff but I am 100% absolutely one of the best in the land when it comes to business conceptualization, marketing and selling stuff. I talk to people with pride but no prejudice.

I love my wife, Ana and I love my one and only daughter, TJ who is a consistent honor student and a dean’s lister in her college today. she is my princess and my wife is my queen but at home I am neither a prince or a king. I’m the driver and I love my car. I think big time but a slow starter and consistent learner and follower.

I am responsible not for the things I have done but for everything I will do so I make sure that there is at least an outline, listing or a plan before I think and do anything else. I may fail at times but I will definitely deliver best results. Those failures I treat as my strengths and my friends and family is my inspiration.

I am a wannabe environmentalist and an artist in the field of SEO, link building and business, therefore I want call myself a businessman. I use this thinking to help others especially now that I have so many blessings in both work and life as an ordinary citizen of my beloved country, Philippines.

I have failed and spammed but it all made me the better man and online webmaster that I am today. I am good at planning and talks and deliberation about so many subject matters but there are times I just think straight (less plans) and do things by impulse (this is good according to “The Secret” movie). BTW, I don’t like movies so much but I want to be able to make awesome movie reviews. I pay attention to details on this field as I love to criticize more than watch em.

Very few would understand the work I do but I try my best to explain it for the benefit of letting people know I have something extra on my arsenal as an online business geek and a webmaster.

My biggest advantage over others in my arena and field of expertise is that I combine both my business handling experience with how the society works over using the internet. Another of which is that I know which FREE tools to use for my online escapades.

I occasionally get freebies from resort accommodations to restaurant eats to massage services (which I love so much) out of SEO blogging, therefore, I’d like it if you’d call me as one. Combining the art and skill of blogging with my special ability to think how to market and think business ROI enables to me to resists many Google algorithms. It makes me smile all the time when I know I did almost nothing and I don’t get penalized.

I am patient and I love playing the art of war which is “element of surprise”. It has won me so many online battles dating since 2007. I can play aggressive but I do it gradually and with attention to detail, changes and effects making it easy for me to adjust anytime, all the time.

I am a SEO, businessman, marketing genius, franchise and loan consultant, traveler, artist, singer, garden lover, environmentalist, professional and certified electronics technician and minimalist.

I am Sam Casuncad. To contact me, you can throw me an email at casuncadster @ gmail.com but be sure to be short and definite with your messages. Don’t forget to visit my “Services Page” to see what else is in store for you partnering with one of the best if not the best in the industry.

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