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Pinoy Abroad Loan – For Allottee, Migrant, Citizen and Seaman Onboard

Pinoy Abroad Loan

A new non collateral sure approval and easy to apply loan is the Pinoy Abroad Loan. Just like the ordinary OFW loan, this is offered to all FIlipinos who are already working overseas. They can be migrants, citizens, seaman onboard and card holders who have regular paying jobs with not less than an equivalent of 30K salary (in peso). Literally new offer in the lending industry, this type of unsecured loan is currently offered only in the Philippines. It is a merged form of salary loan for overseas Filipino workers. These are OWWA loan, OFW loan, seaman loan, migrant loan and loan for allottee or those receiving a regular allotment or remittance from an OFW family member or loved one.

How to Qualify for Pinoy Abroad Loan

It very easy to know how to qualify for the Pinoy Abroad Loan. The reason is because Pinoys from around the world have already come to know what this credit extension is all about dating back as early as 2004. It has just been modified this year, 2017 to cater to the new needs of Pinoys who are already used to knowing that only those who are about to go abroad will qualify to get cash loan thru OFW loan. This makes this personal loan for OFWs a very popular and easy to apply type of credit line.

Being a hybrid or combination of the different no collateral loan offered for Pinoys who are already working abroad or living or is a permanent resident of another country, Pinoy Abroad Loan is easier to apply. The only 3 major important qualifying requirements are – regular source of income, can provide an immediate family member as coborrower and can provide all the documents and allow the process to push thru as the lending company allows.

Pinoy Abroad Loan Basic Documentary Requirements

BORRower requirements:

loan requirements

  1. Latest job contract from COMPANY or COE with specified figure of salary certificate
  2. OEC (overseas employment certificate
  3. Latest and updated / valid passport
  4. page of passport with stamp on last arrival to country of work or destination
  5. visa with stamp on last arrival to airport of destination or migration or work
  6. 3 months latest proof of remittance to Philippines (remittance receipts or 3 months latest bank statement if you have a bank salary payroll + 3 months payslip from your company)
  7. 2 valid primary IDs – company ID and Philippine ID (pwede SSS or voter’s ID or any Phil ID)
  8. Latest water or electric bill in Philippines residence ng OFW – (doesn’t have to be under borrower’s name)
  9. Valid and working live video conferencing number – Viber / IMO / FB Messenger / Google Hangouts etc.

coborrower requirements:

  1. Co-borrower spouse or immediate family member (kapatid or parent not more than 60 y.o. or anak not less than 21 y.o. or common law spouse with whom OFW have kids)
  2. Valid and working contact numbers – mobile or landline and preferrably with Viber

For more information, please contact me below or visit HERE.

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Call to inquire about Loan – Sam Casuncad (Pinoy loan consultant)
home office phone: 542 7015 / 7756277
Sun Cellular No 0932 – 872 5532
Smart Cellular No 0939 – 9269335
Globe No 0917 – 5019245 (with Viber, IMO and Whatsapp)
Email application form at info.ofwloan@gmail.com / samcasuncad.ofwcashloan@gmail.com
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