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10 Tips to Become the Best Seaman Loan Agent in the Philippines

fast loanEarly on this year, 2014, I have written an article about how to become the top loan consultant in 2014 both for seaman loan and collateral loan in the Philippines. I did this writing to start kicking off the year early in January because I strongly believe in “The Secret ” which according to its’ teachings only a few knows even to this day. I was actually not so sure about that because the point that one of my company superiors have revealed to me this very same secret to becoming the best of what you can be in any field you are in. Thought, word and deed but especially through using visualization as an instrument to achieving your goal. That is the core reason I wrote that article back in January 2014, the opening of the year after becoming the top 12 loan agent in the country for one of my provider companies, Global Dominion overall.

the secretFrom then on, I’ve always thought of becoming the number 1 agent in the Philippines and so what I did according to the rule of visualization from an office colleague and “The Secret” is to put the #1 logo in the front cover of my very own personal Facebook page. This very same year, while my company provider is in the mid year assessment, I already became the number one loan consultant for collateral loans and currently running in top 3 overall for all loan offers from all agents in the country. I am still on my way to the top as of this point and I wanted to be there and will be there if not this year, next year.

Along the way of my become the best loan agent, I wanted to share a specific list of tips to my co-agents on how I was able to achieve top position in the lending company. I wanted to share some relevant and useful tips on how to become the best seaman loan agent in the Philippines although as of now, I am still not the top agent in this field, I know I have what it takes to become one and I know I have it.

loans philippines10 Must Do Things to Become a Top Seaman Loan Agent in the Philippines

  1. Love your job – There is nothing irreplaceable than loving the job you are doing right now. If you don’t have this feeling, please, give yourself the chance to grow elsewhere where you can be the happiest being.
  2. Be different from the rest – In the lending industry, you will meet people who will put you down while there are those who boast of their achievements. Take those as a learning process. Whatever they’ve done to succeed at a small scale short time period might be more profitable and useful when done at a longer phase. Leave the rest of the non-sense in your ears and let is pass there. Just keep learning and never imitate those who didn’t succeed during their time.
  3. Learn from your clients – Many will recognize learning in the process of assisting loan applicants but very few would be willing to improve their techniques and tactics at handling people. We are the most complicated yet easy to understand beings on Earth and it is easy to improve if you listen to your experience and is willing to accept making mistakes only to change for the better.
  4. Accept mistakes and learn from experience – Experience is the best teacher, therefore, it is a major factor to know and be conscious if somewhere along the way, you’ve made a mistake. Big or small, it will always help you improve if accept making it and do better the next time.
  5. Communicate – Successful people always know that communication is your best instrument in being there on top of what you do. This stands the same with your clients so you better make damn well sure that your client is willing to communicate with you. Otherwise, you just end up wasting time. Make them commit to your will and subject yourself to their demands only when necessary. You should be the one to set the terms, otherwise, time, effort and money is on the way to be lost in both parties.
  6. Write, write and write – Try to write everything you need to remember and avoid trusting your memory for the sole reason just like what the old saying goes – “memory fails”. By writing all things important, big or small, you have something to assess later and use for trying to see what needs to be improved.
  7. Listen to client demands but use your own judgement – Only you know your field and in the loan industry, you are the authority over your client so make sure you listen only to your client’s demands so you can use them later to serve better but stay away from being their robot who only works whenever there is a command.
  8. Keep records – All your loan data and client information should be kept well under your own radar. Be sure to keep a record of everything from contact details to personal records of your client.
  9. Be knowledgeable about the latest trends that work in the lending industry – Knowing what works in the latest form is always an advantage for a loan agent. If online marketing and advertising works, then that must be included in your list of things to do to get clients and be on top over the others. If you have been an agent for more than 5 years and you still believe that the only thing you can do to succeed and be on top over the competition is to distribute and give away flyers and promotional materials on the street where the logo and contact details of your company is listed, you might want to consider making your own. This will help you avoid potential clients walking in directly and losing them forever without even knowing it.
  10. Keep a record of all good payer clients and bad credit clients – By knowing which client pays on time, you might be able to increase your renewal commission or override commission with an affiliated downline loan agent.

seaman loanThere might be other more important things you can do to improve your current performance status and to target a goal could be the top notch need. The reason I didn’t put it there is for me to give it an emphasis in this ending part of my tips to become the top seaman loan agent in the Philippines. So here it is – SET GOALS!

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