“Top Loan Consultant and Agent for 2014”

I have been working for more than 2 years using my fast loan blog, now with Global Dominion, a sister company of Asialink Lending and Credit Corporation and in the span of being active more less than 1 year with an on and off freelance loan consultant job, I already achieved top 12 overall in the industry. This is by far the biggest achievement that a loan agent like me has come up with using different techniques to get to market loan products and have clients to assist for different collateral and non-collateral loans.

Father’s Day Love Message from a Loving Daughter

I’ve copied the whole text from Facebook where my daughter, our one and only, sent this father’s day love quote / message / poem to me on the day of the celebration. I so love to write and I guess I must’ve done something right during my time for her to be able to come up on one big heart full of love for a father and a parent. This is a Tagalog poem.

A Birthday Message of Love

A Birthday Poem for TJ Heto na naman sya Ang pinakamasayang araw sa isang tao Taun taon dumarating Di maiwasan pa man din

at 4:00 am

Eh puchacs naman talaga oh, 4:00 am na di pa rin makatulog, nagising ng ala una at heto nagsulat na lang…

Happy 18th Birthday TJ – A father’s heart-warming love note to his one and only daughter

Words are meant to describe people and things on how good or bad they are. But you know what? today and all other days I’ve been with you and seen you grow, I never had bad things come to my mind. Never seen one that sometimes I get to wonder how perfect you can be at your young age. Today you’re 18 and despite my shortcomings, I still couldn’t see anything bad behind your beautiful face, anak. You’re still the humble little Ms. never-fail-to-get-honor-in-school to hand it to us who gets to enjoy life being a teen and a grown up kid behind all your countless success. Alam ko hindi […]

On my way to construct a vermicomposting station to produce vermicast organic fertilizer

My profile actually says it all, I am a garden lover. My sister, Beng who also loves and adores different beautiful sorts of garden motiff and designs sent me a bunch of pictures through my Facebook account and she asked me if I could help her out produce the same design in her house over in Cavite, Crystal Aire Subdivision in General Trias Cavite.

Top Boracay Tourist Visits by Nationality for Keyword Targeting and Campaign Launching by SEOs

My cousin, former Buruanga, Aklan mayor, Connie Labindao happens to be a tourism figure inside the Caticlan Jetty Port, one of the ports that lead tourists and special / celebrity guests to Boracay Island. Last year, upon visiting her office to ask for some favor with regards to our trip to the white beach of Bora, my and my father went in for a short conversation before leaving the port. Inside her office on the wall, I saw this picture that tells which top nationality tourists come to Boracay for beach bumming and fun on a yearly basis.

Welcome to my blog

As what other bloggers whether they are SEO or not is doing, the first idea I wanted to post here on my blog is my welcome message. Mabuhay and welcome here. First off, I would like to allow you to get an overview of what you can expect from this online journal since I have been around blogging about SEO since 2007. Don’t worry, that blog is now out of line. It was dead a long time ago and we were not able to maintain it anymore but since SEO and link structure optimization is a passion for me, I struggled to put this one up. Expect to find more […]

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