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“Top Loan Consultant and Agent for 2014”

fast loanI have been working for more than 2 years using my fast loan blog, now with Global Dominion, a sister company of Asialink Lending and Credit Corporation and in the span of being active more less than 1 year with an on and off freelance loan consultant job, I already achieved top 12 overall in the industry. This is by far the biggest achievement that a loan agent like me has come up with using different techniques to get to market loan products and have clients to assist for different collateral and non-collateral loans.

I’d like to take this opportunity to write a post thanking Global Ortigas and Las Pinas respectively for the big help in processing my loan clients but I would like to thank more all my corporate family in Makati branch because they have been supportive of me and has helped me big time with the approval of my accounts with my mother branch from where I have been formally encoded as a freelance loan agent.

free loan consultationThis year, 2014, after being awarded as top 12 agent last year (2013 Christmas Party) and given a certificate of recognition, I am looking forward to become the top loan consultant already this 2014. Yes, I must admit there were a lot of challenges that come each and every day of assisting cash loan borrowers and to help myself compensate with the ups and downs, I am announcing the making of a new Philippines loan forum that I just created with PhpBB platform software.

So far, the reward was awesome and the commission is big enough to have me buy a house and lot property with a small garden as me and my wife have always dreamed and planned to have. This year will be the year for us. We will get what we have always known we deserve. A cool quiet place where we can plant and enjoy life in its simplest form of daily living and loving. Me, my wife, Ana and my daughter TJ. She is our angel and she will always be part of our inspiration why me, with the help of wifey have achieved such recognition in such an early stage of our life in the lending industry in the Philippines.

contact me for informtaionIf anybody amongst you happen to find this post and would like to hire me to become your loan consultant, I am absolutely 100% FREE as well as my services. Get to experience professional and qualified service in your small business and micro financing needs and yes, even personal reasons. To get assistance, please contact me here.

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