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Happy 18th Birthday TJ – A father’s heart-warming love note to his one and only daughter
Janne Therese Casuncad

Janne Therese Casuncad

Words are meant to describe people and things on how good or bad they are. But you know what? today and all other days I’ve been with you and seen you grow, I never had bad things come to my mind. Never seen one that sometimes I get to wonder how perfect you can be at your young age.

Today you’re 18 and despite my shortcomings, I still couldn’t see anything bad behind your beautiful face, anak. You’re still the humble little Ms. never-fail-to-get-honor-in-school to hand it to us who gets to enjoy life being a teen and a grown up kid behind all your countless success. Alam ko hindi ka naging top dean’s lister sa UST because you are intelligent lang. It also takes everybody to know you have the character of being one.

Today, September 26, 2012, I still can’t find any words to describe you, our one and only daughter. It is your day and yet, nothing comes to my mind what best gift there is in this world to give you. Can’t even give you the party we’ve always planned together, the 3 of us on this day, remember. But you know what? Instead of me giving you a precious gift, it is you who gave us something we can’t hold on to – “understanding”.

God gave me and nanay the YOU who’ve always given us so much pride and honor. No, not just in school but in your daily life as we see you grow into a better person each and every day. You are not our trophy but the shelf with which we put all happy thoughts about you kept and finely arranged so that we could look on it everyday with a smile on our face.

TJ, Anak, today is your day yet it is you who make it ours to cherish. Today you are no longer our baby but I’m afraid I must let you know that I am praying so hard that God forgive us, me and nanay for we cannot promise to give you your absolute freedom. Forgive us for we feel it is our duty as your armor to protect you from all harm just like when you were so little and fragile that we won’t let even the tiniest mosquito bite get in to your soft skin. Let me and nanay instead give you the assurance that we are and will always be there for you no matter what. We will be your armor and you, your own hero. Don’t be afraid to fail not because we are here but because we know and have seen you handle such. Because of that, you make us more than just proud parents.

My baby,,,,, right now as I write these thoughts, I want you to know that more than the hundreds of thousands me and nanay wanted to spend for you on this day to celebrate your debut, these words are more precious. It can’t make you smile but for sure it will make you cry. Di ba that’s the good thing in being always true. Gaya ng parati kong sinasabi sa iyo at kay nanay, wag magsinungaling because it will further lead you nowhere. Gusto ko lang malaman mo na lahat ng ito, TOTOO at galing sa puso ko.

Again, words are meant to describe people and things for however much good or bad they have been, but today, after writing this novel love letter (instead of a birthday message), I would like to ask for your forgiveness for I still can’t find the right words to say to you.

Let me just remind you…

“MAG ARAL KA NA MAGDRIVE” dahil ibinibigay ko na sa yo ang KOTSE MO. hehehe. I LOVE YOU ANAK and HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY!

From Driver Sweet Lover na Ama,


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