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A Birthday Message of Love

A Birthday Poem for TJ Heto na naman sya Ang pinakamasayang araw sa isang tao Taun taon dumarating Di maiwasan pa man din

Happy 18th Birthday TJ – A father’s heart-warming love note to his one and only daughter

Words are meant to describe people and things on how good or bad they are. But you know what? today and all other days I’ve been with you and seen you grow, I never had bad things come to my mind. Never seen one that sometimes I get to wonder how perfect you can be at your young age. Today you’re 18 and despite my shortcomings, I still couldn’t see anything bad behind your beautiful face, anak. You’re still the humble little Ms. never-fail-to-get-honor-in-school to hand it to us who gets to enjoy life being a teen and a grown up kid behind all your countless success. Alam ko hindi […]

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