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Welcome to my blog

As what other bloggers whether they are SEO or not is doing, the first idea I wanted to post here on my blog is my welcome message.

Mabuhay and welcome here. First off, I would like to allow you to get an overview of what you can expect from this online journal since I have been around blogging about SEO since 2007. Don’t worry, that blog is now out of line. It was dead a long time ago and we were not able to maintain it anymore but since SEO and link structure optimization is a passion for me, I struggled to put this one up.

Expect to find more about Google secrets and simple tips on how to make your website compelling to the eye of your readers and the search engines. No, this is not another SEO or linkbuilding blog but instead, since I am absolutely still in to it very much, I would like to put occasional posts only from my daily experiences and past as well. I wanted to have them all documented and shared to others using this webpage.

If you came to my blog because you know me or you want to find out more about my services, please navigate HERE. Otherwise, you can click on the services menu above. If you have done business with me in the past or is new here and came looking for a way to talk to me, you can do so by visiting my Contact Me Page.

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