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14 Tips in Maximizing your New Toyota Car Financing Approval

I bought my new Toyota Avanza car last 2015 thru the new Toyota car financing program of a dealer. As a car loan consultant, I must admit I thought I knew everything else regarding car loan. It turned out that buying a new car would be a different arena for a loan agent who has been in the lending industry for more than 4 years. As a top car loan agent with multiple companies from banks to private lenders in the Philippines, I never thought it was so easy to get a car financing approved until I got into buying for myself.

New / 2nd Hand Car Financing and Collateral Loan – 5 Important Factors in Application

As a top loan agent and consultant for both banks, private lending companies and private financiers for fast loan in the Philippines, I have learned so many important things to consider when applying for car loan. Whether you are buying a brand new car, applying for 2nd hand car financing or using auto as collateral to get loan, there are ways to make it easier and faster. Summing them all up, I would like to give you the 5 most important factors to consider when applying for car loan. These factors is always a must to think about before any move to submit documents to process an application. Please note […]

Car Financing in the Philippines – Requirements, Fees, Procedures When Buying Second Hand or Brand New Auto

While there are so many people who have mistakenly identified car financing to be the same as car loan, there were only 2 types offered in the Philippines. The first one is used car financing and the second one is brand new car financing. Whether you are up either of these two or up to apply for a loan using your OR CR, there will be different sets of requirements and procedures and surely, charges and fees will be a major issue. Apart from these major issues, knowing how to qualify is another one, a first to learn about for the buyer.

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