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10 Ways to Know if You Qualify to Avail of Car Collateral Loan in the Philippines

Applying for a car collateral loan in the Philippines is easy. What makes it hard for some borrowers to accept is the fact that very few loan agents know how to pre-qualify their clients. The sad truth is this will only lead to bad results and worse to get your OR CR loan application declined by lending providers. For those who are on their way to seek for more information, it is best to consult either the internet or someone who knows their way in and out of unexpected problems with loan application. In either case, you, the borrower had only 2 places to find help. That is online or […]

Father’s Day Love Message from a Loving Daughter

I’ve copied the whole text from Facebook where my daughter, our one and only, sent this father’s day love quote / message / poem to me on the day of the celebration. I so love to write and I guess I must’ve done something right during my time for her to be able to come up on one big heart full of love for a father and a parent. This is a Tagalog poem.

A Birthday Message of Love

A Birthday Poem for TJ Heto na naman sya Ang pinakamasayang araw sa isang tao Taun taon dumarating Di maiwasan pa man din

at 4:00 am

Eh puchacs naman talaga oh, 4:00 am na di pa rin makatulog, nagising ng ala una at heto nagsulat na lang…

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